Thursday, February 13, 2014

Yoobao Power Bank New Arrival YB-6012 & YB-6016

There are two new model arrival of Yoobao Magic Wand series power bank YB-6012 & YB-6016 and is currently available at Superbuy. Power bank(a.k.a External battery) has become a very popular gadget especially when paired with a high performance Smartphones that can barely last a day or less with heavy usage. Picking a high capacity, branded and original/genuine power bank is very important as this will ensure you pay for something that works for the price you paid for. 

There are many cases of counterfeit power banks that is selling cheap and they are usually rated at 20,000 mAh capacity and above, but when you open up the case, what you get from inside is just a small piece of 2,000 mAh battery that is paired with a few packs of sands with a rather pathetic workmanship. Some people might just think they are ok to live with it as long it works, but what if I tell you the counterfeit power banks out there might cause damages to your precious Smartphone that cost thousands. Thus why not just spend more for original power bank that actually works for your phone?

Let's get back to the topic, the new Yoobao Magic Wand YB-6012 & YB-6016 came with similar aluminium design, what makes them different is what's inside the case. YB-6012 is designed with a rather average battery capacity of 5,200 mAh that can give approximately 3 full charge to iPhone 5S and its 1000mA input and output power is good enough for normal usage and is very portable due to its small size that can fit easily in your pocket. The alluminium alloy case design give a premium look and does give us a cool touch which also helps in dispersing the heat of power bank during charging. To fully charge this Power Bank with a normal adapter would takes around 4-5 hours time which is not too long like some other power bank that has over 10,000 battery capacity but with the same input. Other than this, Yoobao power bank usually comes with a LED Flash light which makes it convenient to be treated as a torchlight and it lasts around 260 hours for this model and the tube design does really helps to give a good grip just like how we hold the torchlight.

While for the YB-6016, this is a much bigger sibling of Magic Wand series that also comes with the same type of aluminium alloy case but with a bigger capacity of 13,000 mAh which is good enough to give around 6 full charge to an iPhone 5.  Other than that it also comes with a much higher rated input and output of 2000mA that makes charging this powerbank can be done with much lesser time than it should be. Other than that the 2000mA output is also suitable for tablets and other devices that require a higher charging current. While for the LED torch light, it can last up to 650 hours which is equivalent to almost 1 month if you turn it on 24 hours everyday. But however, due to its big battery capacity the power bank is bulkier and heavier than the YB-6012 model at the dimension of 137 x 60 x 24mm and weight of 300g as compared to 93.5 x 41.4 x 23mm and weight of 129g on YB-6012, this make it slightly less portable compared to those smaller model of power bank.

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